The first ecommerce of fresh food mozzarella and derivates in italy.

The Challenge

The first fresh food mozzarella and derivatives in italy, it's a spin off company of Amodio Group SpA. The main challenge was to growth  the business online, in a short time (3 months), consisting in: increase customer retentions, increase the conversion rate and create better landing pages to uplift the conversion rate to optimize the investment in traffic.

One of the aspects that I had to challenge was the hard friction, in the Italian market, to buy fresh products online without being able to see and/or touch them.

The Solution

I implemented some UX best practices and I analyzed the customer base, segmenting their customers by location, gender, age and some behavior features. The marketing automations flows and a national  campaign delivered promotions and contents to the right potential customers, it was the one of the winning points of the marketing strategy.

It was created a customer scoring and email marketing more interesting, with high value for the cluster, uplifting the customer retentions and relations with the brand.

The Product page

This next screenshot is taken from webarchive and it represents the previous version of the product page in the 2015, when the project went live.

The version before

In this next image, you can see the new page, currently live, which has a better conversion rate and it increases the average time on page too, decreasing significantly the bounce rate.

I analyzed all Google Analytics information and the customer's navigation with the right tools you can discover some important behaviours which can help you to create new A/B tests and tips to enhance the customer experience.

A bigger product name, clear information about the price and the details. On the right, there are the facebook this screenshots not shown clearly.

I corrected some UX issues and I added more product informations, such as:

  • Call To Action green and more visibile
  • Left position of Quantità input, near the primary CTA
  • Facebook customers' reviews and more
  • Detailed but sintetic product informations: ingredients, allergens, expiration date and so on.
  • Social proof

These additional information on the bottom of the "above the fold" are important description to show the potential customers "how to keep it", "nutritional facts" and the productive process.

The increasing of the conversion rate, starting from this page to the checkout was amazing: +180%!


+30% uplift customer's buying frequency

+265% uplift total e-commerce conversion rate