I have been in charge of companies growing their e-commerce and have worked with fast-growing e-commerce in Europe.

I'm a growth marketer.

I love data analysis, machine learning and marketing automation

I helped 40+ companies with data-driven growth strategies.

I roll out an assessment before creating the growth marketing program, which it's based on revenue sprint cycles. Each sprint includes CRO and Marketing Automation activities to achieve a growth performance in new earning terms.

I have worked with 40+ satisfied companies from different sectors (fashion, food, beauty, cosmetics, etc.), and I learned their various market constraints and business dynamics.

Why do clients choose to work with me

  • I guarantee my work. Using data, I certify and prove how much-added value you get through a data-driven approach.
  • Apart from the results, I also bring you knowledge because the essential thing about growth hacking is that you can not do it once, but for accurate results, you must continue to apply it in the long term. That's why I teach all my customers how they can continue my work.
  • I am at the forefront of growth hacking. I am familiar with 60+ tools (such as Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mixpanel, Optimizely, Dux-Soup and Zapier). I regularly share articles about the latest trends and insights from the profession through this website.

What's next?

If you're convinced, schedule a meeting or send me an email for more information.

If you still need more information, please look at what Work With Me page would suit you best.

Degree and Certifications

Business Analytics – Harvard Business School Online

Professor: Andrew Ng
Date: May 18, 2022
Certification Link

Google Analytics avanzato

Date: March, 2020
Certification Link

Applying Machine Learning to your Data with GCP - Google Cloud

Date: Nov, 2019
Certification Link

Creating New BigQuery Datasets and Visualizing Insights - Google Cloud

Date: Feb 13, 2019
Certification Link

Achieving Advanced Insights with BigQuery by Google Cloud

Date: Mar 28, 2019
Certification Link

Marketing Analytics – Darden School of Business

Date: Mar 28, 2019

Exploring and Preparing your Data with BigQuery – Google Cloud

Date: June 19, 2018
Certification Link

Machine Learning – Stanford Online

Professor: Andrew Ng
Date: June 19, 2018
Grade Achieved: 99.21%
Certification Link

Mastering Business Models and Mastering Value Propositions – Strategyzer

Date: Mar 19, 2014


Supervised, Unsupervised & Reinforcement – Georgia Tech

Date: 2020

Intro to Machine Learning – Udacity

Date: 2020
Info: Sebastian Thrun, Katie Malone

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies - Princeton University

Date: 2019
Grade Achieved: 95%

Export Gurus - Google Italia

Date: 2019

The Long Story

A used-to-be full stack developer started my couple freelance career where I quickly realized to have a marketer approach in every project I developed. I worked hard to become a digital entrepreneur, founding my first company, Hubstrat, which grew by 20% yearly.

I started the company aimed to create digital strategies mixing online and offline. I had the opportunity to work with different size clients working with Italian and European remote professionals.

I was in charge of handling company production and taking with customers' marketing strategy. I have had the opportunity to create and manage a heterogeneous team starting with 3, growing to 25 people (remotely in Europe and in an agency) to create digital products that deliver a better customer experience.

I founded the company into 2013 from scratch, growing 30% year over year.

I worked in FiloBlu as a Product Manager and person in charge of the Conversion Rate Optimization of the best company clients, such as Elisabetta Franchi, Lotto Italia, OBag, Zanellato, Manila Grace, L'autre chouse, etc.

Indeed, I have the opportunity to analyze the business and data of different clients to solve issues about Personas and conversion rates. In addition, I deal with marketing strategies, solving complex conversion rate issues by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data.

I was involved in creating innovative marketing cycles from data ingestion to predictive data, connecting this information to marketing automation/orchestration products.

The company signed a strong Google partnership, and I was the person in charge of aiming to create the new marketing architecture using Google Cloud infrastructure. The main goal was to aggregate customers' behaviour, demographic and 3rd party data into BigQuery, where machine learning algorithms extract customer insights: LTV, purchase predictions, customer segmentations, K-Means and personalization data to inject the shop and wherever it makes the difference for uplifting customer experience and sales. Using Google API, I provided the connection for different products to create the last part of the cycle through Marketing Automation products, Chatbots AI Based and others.

Indeed, the main advantage of aggregating customers' behaviour and preferences is discovering business opportunities and fixing the issues through a Customer Data Platform or Business Intelligence.

I recently founded a new company, Growth Marketing, which provides consulting services based on data-driven and scientific methods.