If you have been working with agencies before, you can throw away all your expectations. Working with me is nothing like that. I am the only contact point you’ll ever have.

I'm really useful when your business is having sales problem and you have no clue how to fix that, it's growing slowly or perhaps you have strong growth goals. I can work with your team or alone, on one small part or the entire project, it's up to you and your project's needs.

📋 How I work

Flexibility and clear activity roadmap on what I'm going to do: I think it's the foundation for a successful projects.

I follow these 3 simple steps pre-kickoff for every project:

  • Interview
  • Assessment: data analysis and understanding business constrains
  • Goals and deadlines

My own goal is to bring you the most value for every cent you invest. It means that I'll do my best for returning x2, at least, your investment with me.

Curious on what I do? My portfolio is a great place to start reading some strategies and tactics I rolled out in the past!

🚀 What I can help you with?

I've been working on different projects sizes in pretty much every industry, and my activities are heavily data-driven and growth sales oriented.

1 – I'll help you to analyze your online business.

It means that I analyze your analytics and customer base, extracting purchasing data insights and customer data behaviors. I put them all in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) or whatever it fits better for your project to give you a full operational view on your business.

Sometimes, it means that I analyze all your data sources, coming from Google Analytics, E-Commerce (Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, ecc.), CRM or whatever and I normalize them in a single cloud database for processing and showing you the overview through Metabase, Google Data Studio or enterprise products to start games!

– For Middle Companies

I connect the store to a CDP (Customer Data Platform)*, that become customer data repository. The CDP manage the data pipeline (a cycled data stream) and It’s the place where I connect marketing automation tools and all advertising sources.

Exponea Image

What does it improves my customer lifecycle this kind of representation?

I explain it in several articles under Data tag, in a few words, watch the follow picture: it's a new revenue stream!

Obviously, requirements includes human brain to make it works well :)

Exponea Image

– For Enterprise Companies

I connect using ETL all data sources in a Data Lake, using Google Products (as I’m certified in data and machine learning with Google' Products.

– Data Ingestion: through Pub/Sub product that grab all data in real time and push into an ETL

– Preparation: Google Data Prep for data normalizing using visualization of structured and unstructred data

– Storage in Data Lake: storing and refining data processed based on client’s needs (preparing data for recommendations, LTV forecasting, customer segmentation through K-Means algorithm, etc.)

– Activation: through Google API pushing specific customers data in Business Intelligence, marketing automation tool, in Tensorflow for machine learning recommendations, for creating custom segments to boost marketing performance and lower the CAC.

Google Marketing Data Cycle

I using Google products to deliver an high data mining cycle: highly customizable and modular.

Google Products I used to deliver the marketing data cycle

You can go further reading this article on Google site or watching this video.

2 – I'll help you to grow w/ advanced strategies and tactics that really works, with no budget in ads.

I proceed creating the strategy, where I explain you where are issues inside navigations or where are business pitfalls. What are next steps to do for fixing them all, and go forward next step to roll out the best tactics to implement for growing fast.

I use my own framework to keep on eye on most important KPI for your business that I'll share with you. I suggest and implement the best products for growing, based on your company stage.

[Free Marketing Automation] How to transform newsletter subscribers in paying customers through timed based marketing automations
how triggers generate important sales opportunities for a cycled increase of your customer base, and to optimize your acquiring costs.

3 – I'll help you to roll out the strategy and tactics, alone or w/ your team for uplift sales.

Once analysis and strategy phases are completed, and all the aspects of your business are cristal clear, I move to help your team to implement it all, or I move alone to roll out the actions explained (w/ sometimes external collaborators) for creating all communications and technical implementations to launch the strategy.

Acquire New Customers and Generate x5 sales through data analysis
Uplift e-commerce sales through data analysis and applying marketing automation with sales funnel tactics

I helped my clients growth, using some of the following activities listed below:

  • I’ve worked with 70+ tools (like Google Analytics, Hotjar, Klaviyo, Active Campaign, Phantombuster, Manychat, Tag Manager, Zapier, etc.) and I’m always up-to-date with the latest techniques, trends and insights.
  • I’ve made more then 300 Facebook ads for different companies and many others on Google AdWords, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and Quora.
  • I’ve build more then 120 landing pages. I build websites within a day; giving great possibilities in rapid prototyping and quick AB-testing.
  • I ran 200 A/B tests across the full funnel; Home, Checkout, Landing Pages, Product Page, Sign Up/Sign In, etc.
  • I’ve written 52 long-form blogsposts on content ranging from travel to food industry.
  • I automated lead-generation, MVP’s (validating what it really counts), using the most well known growth hacking tools, like PhantomBuster, IFTT, Zapier and many other automation-tools developed by my own.

All this numbers means that whatever are your needs, I should know pretty much well how it works and I can help you.