Come incrementare le vendite con la marketing automation con trigger
Cross Promo Offer – è un trigger comportamentale che ha il compito di trasformare un lead iscritto alla newsletter, in cliente.
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In my latest article I wrote about how creating new sales from inactive segment and transforming in paying customers.

I want to explain now, how triggers generate important sales opportunities for a cycled increase of your customer base, and to optimize your acquiring costs.

Getting Started – What are triggers?

They're user generated events made up by sequentially actions, such as: a click, the time on a specific page, etc..

The cascading events succession generates behavioural patterns that you can group by similarity and roll out marketing actions on that, through experiments analytically measurable.

What I just said it'll be written in "how to" article, about gathering and analyze behavioural patterns. Now, I address one much simpler: a time-based trigger, that can be easily  programmed in advance.

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Cross Promo Offer

I usually active the automation, "Cross Promo Offer" getting important results for my clients. The automation's goal is transforming leads (newsletter subscriber) into customers (through a first purchase).

A digression before moving on. I wanna talk about the email promotional item that should be created, helping potential customers to understand the products values, and as close as possible to their interests.

PROMO – The promotional item, may vary depending on your data, for example we can create:

  • an offer, as close as possible, to a product category based on their recent sessions;
  • a coupon code for mostly visited product page in their last browsing sessions;
  • a discount based on cart value <= of X% of the AOV of the active segment (due to we doesn't know what kind of customer we're going to acquire).

The results, I usually got from this automation is more than 60% of guests in clients, in a time period strictly before the event.

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This basic automation has a boost uplift in sales because of using one of Cialdini's 7 rules, in its final communications.

There are other automations for transforming leads in paying customers, always up and running ("evergreen"), that perform pretty much well, are principally based on:

  • based on recommendations contents (machine learning algorithm),
  • triggered by user behaviours.

Marketing Automation Template

In this example, time based, the automation starts when the scheduled event is approaching and other triggers presented below, in the first point.

Automation sequence:

  • START - Activate automation when entering in newsletter list + has never visited the thank you page + does not have the tag active + has visited from 2 to 5 times a specific products + if entered before a specific date
  • Send a first email
  • IF has not yet visited the thank you page
  • THEN send follow up
  • ELSE add a tag ACTIVE to the customer

Meanwhile the emails were sent and the automation going to the end, you should highlighting promoted discount, using a persuasive copywriting.

Cross Promo Offer Overview

Below you find the link for importing the automation described above, into your Active Campaign account.

[Template | Newsletter to Customer] Cross Promo Offer