Nowadays, it's so important delivering a customized experience to scale that we must care about on how to automate that to stay ahead of the competitors.

Marketing automation help your team do for what you hired them to do — achieving business goals and move forward the business.

What are the advantages of Marketing Automation?

When your salespeople and marketers no longer need to manage routine tasks, they’re free to focus on issues more central to your company, success, like long-term strategic planning.

Turning automagically leads into buying customers – people warm up to businesses that respond to their actions and answer their questions quickly and efficiently. According to a study from Harvard Business Review, companies that respond to new leads within the first hour are 7X more likely to qualify that lead. Marketing automation ensures this swift response and that means more sales.

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How Marketing Automation help to increase customer retentions?

Increasing revenue is the number one reason why about 80% of marketers use automations. This is also the reason why B2B marketers who implement automation tools see an increase of 20% in new sales opportunities on average.

It will help you retain existing customers because the cost of retaining existing customers is much lower than acquiring new customers of 5 times!

Marketing automation tools provide you with the data you need to more effectively resolve current customers’ concerns. These same tools will organize this data and make it easy for your customer service staff to access and use them, thereby improving the quality of the services they provide and enhancing loyalty and trust.

Anniversary Automation sneak peak

With the knowledge of which marketing strategies are effective and which are not performing pretty much well, your marketing team will be able to continuously improve them, thereby driving more sales.

Every business is different but there are a lot of common patterns can be useful triggered in every business, such as:

  • Send customers a coupon after they abandon the cart and haven't purchase
  • Send email for they anniversary with coupon discount to celebrate the event
  • Thank them with a discount code when they reach >=3 orders
Black Friday Super Sale
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3 Marketing Automation for using today

Here there's a set of automation which could help your business to put the first gear and test the automations on customer base clusters.

Send customers a First Order Coupon

Incentivate your potential customers, who have left the email in checkout phase or leads who haven't bought yet and encourage them to make a first step!

Using one of the 6 Cialdini's rules could help – scarcity, for example.

First Order Bonus
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Happy Anniversary – Celebrate this important event with them!

It's not at all obvious that a customer stays 1 year with us, not clicking on unsubscribe button for one of our email too many.

Here the challenge is to comunicate the right discount or coupon, based on their previous purchasing interests.

Happy Anniversary
Copy it in your Active Campaign accountc

Thank the promising customers using a discount code, when they reach > X orders

The X number is calculated on customer base, referring to a medium/high frequency rate. For example, if the highest frequency is 5 (it could probabily true only for a small niche) you should send it, to the highest niche strict near this one.


Happy automations! 🤙

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